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Safety as a result of cost-effective And superior features

National A-level machine manufacturing enterprises

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Safety Technology Efficient

Products elegant style, smooth lines, mature and reliable, advanced technology, highlighting security, science and technology, high quality and efficient

Passenger elevator

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Year of Space & nbsp; for the building design provides multiple choice

AOTE RAMBO small room / MRL adhere to the principles of streamlined and efficient, not only for the building to save more space and beautify the building structure, and run lightweight and agile, fast green, is your rare favorite choice.

Optimization of space

AOTE RAMBO small machine room passenger elevator hoistway is just an extension to facilitate the construction, lower cost; no room elevators, eliminating the need for the building to the top of the room, to the building design to bring greater flexibility.

Precise control

The use of high-speed digital signal processing system, traction motor speed control is more sensitive and precise, down to the elevator vibration limits; smooth operation, Rulvpingdi.

Energy efficient

The use of intelligent control system, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the elevator; also uses compact traction machine and the control cabinet slim design, the other machine room less elevator, more compact layout, a new generation of small machine room elevator AOTE RAMBO products, real the implementation of corporate energy-saving ideas.

Intelligent group control

Advanced intelligent traffic data management technology to fully optimize the waiting time, riding time, start and stop times of the three core data, to achieve the perfect intelligent dispatching.

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