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Safety as a result of cost-effective And superior features

National A-level machine manufacturing enterprises

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Safety Technology Efficient

Products elegant style, smooth lines, mature and reliable, advanced technology, highlighting security, science and technology, high quality and efficient

Hospital elevaltor

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Put yourself in a user-friendly design

To provide fast, safe passage for the doctor-patient staff

Car structure optimization design

AOTE RAMBO bed elevators human-oriented design, and fully optimize the car structure, the maximum meet customer requirements. For passengers to create a quiet and comfortable, quiet and elegant space.

Elevator emergency device

When the elevator stopped a power failure or malfunction, quickly switch to low speed operation to leveling position, after the evacuation of a parked passenger door.

Prolonged delay switch

After the elevator car door is fully opened, keep the door open condition, after a delay of automatic closing, while the medical staff in particular, a patient can safely Into, if special needs can also extend the delay closing time.

Digital Display Size

4.0 myopia bold plus size large digital display, designed for the elderly, the visually impaired designs.

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