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Safety as a result of cost-effective And superior features

National A-level machine manufacturing enterprises

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Safety Technology Efficient

Products elegant style, smooth lines, mature and reliable, advanced technology, highlighting security, science and technology, high quality and efficient

Observation elevator

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Beautiful scenery comfortable Range Rover

Open a window to move to views of the city

Automatic wake-up unit

Combining static and dynamic, energy-Titans

When no call ladder within a fixed time, the car interior lighting and fan will automatically shut down when a passenger call, the device will start automatically, saving time-consuming non-operating elevator energy.

Fault diagnosis system

To provide detailed data reference preventive maintenance,easy maintenance, to ensure good operation.

Controlled by Computer Management System

With the fastest speed, maximum efficiency to provide you with decentralized dispatching. Improve the operating efficiency of the elevator, reducing irritability and feeling passenger waiting time, eliminate the passengers when the car stop.

BVR viewing space design

Bright and spacious sightseeing plane AOTE RAMBO sightseeing elevator to bring a different kind of scenery building, expanding the visual space elevator, the narrowing of the space elevator has been extended.

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