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Safety as a result of cost-effective And superior features

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Safety Technology Efficient

Products elegant style, smooth lines, mature and reliable, advanced technology, highlighting security, science and technology, high quality and efficient

Villa elevator

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Endowed with both  Show temperament

Honorable appearance with intelligent core

Technology never trapped people

Unique emergency self-help function, trapped when a power failure or failure of people to help themselves by pressing the button inside the car, to achieve self-help; this feature will AOTE RAMBO villa elevator safety performance improvement, even the elderly or children, nor trapped in the elevator.

Smooth operation of the system

Designed for smooth operation of the system design of the elderly and children, with the most comfortable speed running curve, smooth supple start.

Stylized car design

AOTE RAMBO lift home use "deconstruction and reconstruction" approach, high-quality materials, elegance and bearing on the car reflected vividly decorated, a perfect match with your building.

Green energy configuration

220V household power, 1.1KW low power brakes, power consumption is far less than the air conditioning and other appliances, is your true energy-saving appliances.

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