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Safety as a result of cost-effective And superior features

National A-level machine manufacturing enterprises

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Safety Technology Efficient

Products elegant style, smooth lines, mature and reliable, advanced technology, highlighting security, science and technology, high quality and efficient

Moving Walk

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AOTE RAMBO automatic sidewalks, public transportation lines and two commercial type automatic sidewalks products, sophisticated technology, smooth lines, elegant style, high strength truss structure, classic drive technology, improve the protection device, the product safety, durable, smooth ride, comfortable.

Transportation pioneer, prolonged strength

Advanced control systems

Advanced control system, using computer control, large capacity, fast response, high stability, features more complete;

Patented track technology

China and the US jointly developed the patented rail technology, with the world's leading track design, the use of scientific computing mechanics,security elevator run more smoothly and efficiently.

L-shaped frame structure derived

Using L-type derivatives frame structure, exquisite craftsmanship and smooth lines, the overall layout is reasonable, bearing evenly to ensure a uniform and stable lift the overall operation.

Large width pedal

The maximum width of up to one meter pedal to achieve a large flow of passengers and cargo transport

Automatic lubrication system

The smart detection control, automatic lubrication system to ensure that the various components of the power transmission between the elevator, to provide a stable operating speed, while effectively improve life.

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