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The use method of elevator
Following a passenger as an example:

One, the elevator in the service layer station with layer door, car running direction indicator light, mathematics show car, running position of the device and call the elevator button. When the elevator call button is used, go up and press the button and press the direction button.

Second, the car arrived, floor direction indicator is displayed in the direction of movement of the car, passengers judge desire to direction and determine the elevator into the car, pay attention to the door closed, not in layer door and the car door for butt joints of stay.

Three, the car has a position monitor, control panel and open the door to open the door button and the layer floor. After entering the car, lift press to the floor of the layer of the layer of the button. If you want the car door to be closed immediately, you can lift the door button. The car floor position indicator light is displayed to the floor and can be left after the car door is opened.

Four, the elevator is rated load of 13 people, can not overload operation, when the staff overload, please take the initiative to withdraw from.

Five, the passenger elevator can not often be used as a cargo lift, absolutely not allowed to ship flammable, explosive goods.

Six, when the elevator abnormality or fault, should keep calm, call car rescue call, must not be allowed to pry the doors in an attempt to escape car.

Seven, passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door, not in the car smoking and litter, keep the car clean and sanitation.

Eight, passengers should take care of the elevator facilities, not just random press button and the car door.

Nine, the driver should strictly perform their duties, the elevator shall not stay away from the job, and found that the failure to timely processing and reporting.

Ten, does not allow the driver to maintenance, emergency stop button as normal exercise before starting the elimination of call signal; does not allow the maintenance speed in the layer, the car door opened under the condition of exercise; are not allowed to open the car top trapdoor, security door; does not allow to speed maintenance ship long objects exercise; not allowed to manual car door, closed as the elevator the start or stop the use of the function; is not allowed in the exercise of all of a sudden reversal.

Eleven, the driver should always check the elevator operation, regular contact elevator repair and maintenance, maintenance record.

Twelve, when the elevator stops, the driver should stop the car to stop at the base station, and the operator on the disc on the switch to open, close the door. In case of power outage notification, do lifts the work ahead of time.