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Elevator emergency management plan
With the rapid development of our country economy, the elevator as a kind of important vertical transportation tool more and more can't leave our life, work and study. The State Council issued a "special equipment safety supervision regulations standardized elevator safety management, requirements of elevator using units to formulate corresponding measures and emergency rescue plan, in the event of a power outage, elevator, fire, typhoon, rainstorm, terrorist attacks and earthquake, on the inside of the car are been stranded the personnel to implement fast rescue, in an elevator car trapped should also understand the method of distress and self protection. This elevator emergency guide, designed to help people cope with the emergency of the elevator, to avoid panic, irrational operation and cause casualties, the maximum security of the passengers' personal safety.

One, passengers are trapped in the car, should take a call for help and self protection program

1. The passengers were trapped by alarm, intercom system, mobile phone or lift prompted the use of rescue prompt alarm according to;

Passengers should be kept away from the door of the car door, or have opened the car door, do not smoke in the car, to keep quiet, listen to the management or rescue personnel command.

The trapped passengers in the rescue personnel in front of the scene can not knock, pry the door, or climb a safety window, not the body of any part of the car out of the car.

If the car has a patient or other dangerous situation, should inform the staff on duty as soon as possible, and help each other, care and comfort.

Two, elevator use management unit receiving processing program

24 hour emergency duty system and elevator accident emergency response team.

II on duty found the elevator under the jurisdiction of the people, or after receiving the alarm and confirmed, should immediately notify the professional qualifications of the unit to rescue, and call the elevator maintenance unit; if a large range of elevator trapped people should start the emergency plan for the elevator group, and quickly notify the elevator accident emergency handling team, come to deal with.

3 on duty personnel should immediately lift device configuration of communication and intercom system or any other feasible way, inform the car trapped passengers have been notified of the professional personnel to come to the rescue, don't panic, stay calm, don't operate any, quiet waiting for rescue professionals.

4 on duty personnel should also be aware of the car, as generally stopped at the position of the floor, the number trapped, whether there is patient or other dangerous situation, make a record, such as an emergency contact and emergency handling team leader immediately.

By the use of units of the professional qualification personnel confirmed can self rescue, such as, the implementation of the rescue program, if not, the elevator daily maintenance personnel arrived at the scene, coordinate in the implementation of the rescue program.

Three, the lift of the rescue of the trapped man

In the implementation of the rescue of the trapped person must be in accordance with the requirements of the elevator room to cut off the power and listing the lock;

The personnel who carry out the rescue operation of the trapped persons must undergo special training and deal with the elevator's accident.

To determine the unified command, custody, operation personnel;

(4) in the machine room emergency rescue must with passengers in the car to get in touch, stable mood, told the passengers have taken emergency measures should not be trying to open the car door, do not take the Qiaomen behavior;

The hall door, that car doors are closed.

Four, the rescue of the trapped person

Professional personnel must first recognition elevator position respectively rescue, such as the elevator car is higher or more than 0.5 meters below the floor should be first by turning to save the execution of the program after the implementation of the following procedure.

The determination of the position of the car (according to the floor lights or open the external door carefully inspected);

Open the door of the elevator door with an emergency unlocking key, and then open the car door (slow, hard not too large);

The comfort and help the passengers leave the car, wet floor or injuries;

We will close the door again (in the hall door cannot be opened by hand.).

The repair and maintenance personnel to identify the reasons, troubleshooting, elevator to resume operation.

Five, barring rescue program

The demolition of the main motor shaft end cover (if any), the placement of the rotary handle seat and a handle;

3 two rescue workers and the holding one end of the rotary handle, another rescue personnel, handheld switch dynamic release lever and monitoring marker bed flat, gently pry the braking, car will be due to the self weight of the mobile, in order to avoid the car rising or falling too fast danger, operation should be discontinuous action (a pry loose), the car compartment slowly moving,

The car moved to the flat layer will restore to the brake braking state,

The car moved to the floor, will return to the brake braking state;

6. To confirm the reliable brake, release the handwheel;

The emergency unlocking key to open the elevator door, then forced open the car door (slower, not to force too much);

The operation, such as the car stops at the high-rise elevator storey station above or the lowest layer elevator station the following position, not only to open the brake, make the car move on their own, but should be in open brake at the same time, holding tight rotary handle, hard disc cutter, the car to move in the right direction.

Six, the rehabilitation treatment

The check of passengers were injured, or an attachment to the settlement, rescue or treatment;

To investigate the causes of the failure of the elevator, including the possibility of understanding the accident to the passengers, such as the external cause of the investigation to do a good job in the relevant evidence;

In case of an elevator malfunction supervise and urge maintenance unit to inspect and repair as soon as possible;

If there is news media participation, should try to do the interpretation and timely report to the relevant leaders;

The timely fault and accident report data.